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About R.C. Graham Co. LLC.

Family owned and run since 1965. Three Generations of Grahams have provided the Hand-tite® Pipe Plug to the underground industry.
R.C. Graham Co. LLC is locally owned and operated in Hudson, Ohio, and has been operating for over 40 years. We manufacture reliable sewer and water pipe plugs. Every one of our Hand-Tite® pipe plugs is made with quality materials and the highest attention to detail. Because of our focus on quality workmanship, our pipe plugs are the most versatile plug on the market. We are also, a distributor of other water and sewer products. These products include the Taylor Made non-pressure plug, available in diameters from 4 inches to 260 or more, and the Sioux Chief High Pipe for high pressure and small diameter applications. We also distribute Vertex Water-stop Gaskets and their patented “O” adapter.
R. C. Graham Family

Made in the USA

Hand-Tite® pipe plugs are made right here in Hudson, Ohio.

Quality Products

Each part is hand-made with the highest quality materials.

Proven Record

R.C. Graham Co. LLC has been in business for over 40 years.

hand tite pipe plug

Hand-Tite® History

The original patent was Wilmont Tompion’s of 1863 to plug the end of musket barrels during the Civil War. In the 1960s the same design was adapted to make a plug for ceramic sewer pipes which is inconsistent in diameter and roundness. The Hand-tite® plug has a very flexible expansion range to compensate for the irregular inside diameter of the ceramic pipe.

R.C. Graham Co. LLC

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