Vertite® Gaskets

High-Quality Gaskets

Vertite® Waterstop gaskets are made from high-quality rubber extrusion, providing durable and reliable water seals.

"O" Dapter
Vertex "O" Dapter
Waterstop Gasket
Vertite® Series W-S
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Vertite® Series W-S Waterstop gaskets per C923, C443, C425

Pipe Size Part Number
4″ W-S04”
6″ W-S06”
8″ W-S08”
10″ W-S010”
12″ W-S012”
Pipe Size Part Number
15″ W-S015”
18″ W-S018”
21″ W-S021”
24″ W-S024”
27″ W-S027”

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